Tips for couples – Preparation for at home

Tips for couples <b>– Preparation for at home</b> Tips for couples <b>– Preparation for at home</b>

Many worthwhile resources are available, both in print and online. Here we have gathered some titles so that you can prepare comfortably at home.

“Kinderwunsch – Neue Wege zum Wunschkind”

[A desire for children - New ways to planned pregnancy]
Authors Günter Freundl, Christian Gnoth and Petra Frank-Hermann show how reproduction and natural family planning work - a method that gives couples a chance to become proactive, as it has helped many to become pregnant. And if not, the book also gives reliable information and help so that those affected can find the right way for them amongst the many methods offered by modern medicine.

“Kinderwunsch und Schwangerschaft: Die 100 häufigsten Fragen und Antworten”

[A desire for children and pregnancy: The 100 most common questions and answers]
Gabriele Grünebaum and Franziska Becker go beyond the “usual” information on fertility, pregnancy and birth, answering questions that many couples still don’t feel have been answered after many conversations. What can I learn from the basal body temperature? Can I fly when I'm pregnant? Can I have a small drink of alcohol while pregnant? Is it necessary to shave my pubic hair before the birth? No, there’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to such an important topic.

“Der Traum vom eigenen Kind – Psychologische Hilfen bei unerfülltem Kinderwunsch”

[The dream of having your own child - Phychological help for infertility]
This book from Tewes Wischmann and Heike Stammer not only answers the questions of those affected - doctors and other professionals can also benefit from the practical experience of the authors. This acclaimed book not only explains the most important artificial fertility procedures and the current legal situation, but also gives knowledgeable assistance on coping with unwanted childlessness.

“Babygeflüster: Eine Gebrauchsanweisung für die Kinderwunschzeit”

[Baby whispering: A manual for when you are trying to conceive]
Birgit Zart moves far away from laboratories, hormone fluctuations and technical possibilities, instead helping to finally release the internal pressure of trying to understand oneself in this tense phase - as the author knows the internal path to having a child like no one else. Her Baby Whispering is a “manual for feelings”, particularly feelings that can stand in our way. Gently, she covers themes like impatience, sorrow, fear, pain, baby envy and hoping for a child. For over 30 years, Birgit Zart has accompanied people on their journey to having a baby and is a pioneer in alternative fertility.


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